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Whether you are looking for rock-bottom interest rates for that big purchase you’ve been waiting for, or you need a credit card to transfer your current balance to, or are just looking to get a little back from your regular spending – we’ve got you covered.

CreditRunner – what’s that?

On CreditRunner, we help you to compare offers from various different credit card providers, so that you can make an informed decision that will ultimately benefit your finances in the long run.

Many credit card offers look very tempting initially, but upon closer inspection turn out to be much more expensive than they appear. Our aim on CreditRunner is to help you filter out all of that and narrow down your options to the best credit cards for you, based on your needs.

Ensure you are getting a secured Credit Card

There is a lot to be said for going with the big names in the finance industry, but don’t disregard a provider simply because you haven’t heard of them. All of the credit card providers on CreditRunner are fully regulated and approved by the appropriate regulatory bodies.

Not only does this mean that they have passed all of the rigorous tests and audits required to become a lender, it also means that you are covered if for any reason the credit card company went out of business.

Balance Transfer Credit Cards – get yourself the best possible rate

Balance transfer credit cards are useful for a number of purposes. If you have outstanding credit card debt, you can use a balance transfer credit card to pay it off. The debt is then held by the new credit card provider, and you repay them – usually this is done to secure a lower interest rate than the one you were previously on.

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Reward Credit Cards – get a kickback every time you spend!

If you are somebody that regularly uses your credit card to make purchases, whether it is on your weekly shopping, gas for your car, or flights for your holidays, there is a Reward Credit Card that will give you a little back every time you use it. Compare the best ones right here on CreditRunner!

Reward Credit Cards

The CreditRunner Credit Card Guide

What kind of credit card do you need? That completely depends on your circumstances, both financial and personal. However, the good news is that in today’s market there is a credit card solution for almost everyone.

The Ultimate Credit Card Guide

0% Credit Cards – treat yourself, or buy some time

0% credit cards are those which come with a period defined in numbers of months, during which you are not required to pay interest on the money you borrow. With a little discipline, and a plan laid out, this can work out to be a much cheaper method of borrowing than, for example, a personal loan.

0% Credit Cards

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Balance transfer credit cards are also used by so called ‘credit whores’, who maximize their borrowing on a 0% credit card, and then transfer the balance to a new 0% credit card once the 0% term ends. Although a perfectly legal and sometimes savvy move, repeated applications for credit cards can impact your credit file.